Sunday, May 30, 2021

809. The 800 Club: Looking Back - Twisting the Tithe Into Money

In our look back over the past 800 programs, we’ve occasionally discussed tithing. When most Christians hear the word tithe, they assume it means to give or pay ten percent of all your money. Most will also assume this is to be designated to a church organization which they might call “the storehouse.” And there are those who teach that when one gives ten percent or more to the work of the ministry, that God will bless them with more money.

Sincere Christians can disagree on this subject, but most of what has been taught about the “principle” of tithing in the New Covenant is extracted from Bible verses and concepts very much out of context. Our quick review on the topic touches on why tithing became a requirement under the law for Israel (spoiler alert: it was about food, not money). And did Jesus really say we should tithe? You can certainly give ten percent of your money if it’s what you really want to do, but in the New Covenant, you are free to give as it’s on your heart to do so.

We've talked about the subject of tithing a few times in the past, and below are some links to some of our past talks.

First up is a short series we did a few years ago:
495. Covenant Confusion: Tithing
496. Christianizing the Tithe
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And then a nine-part series that we did last year (Episodes 769-777). Click on the first episode below and then click "Newer Post" for each subsequent part:
The Tithe

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