Sunday, May 10, 2015

496. Christianizing the Tithe

In order to use Bible passages to teach the modern practice of Christians giving ten percent of their income to a church, by default the Scriptures must be redefined and handled inaccurately, as the practice is simply nowhere to be found in the Bible. This week, in the second part of our three week look into biblical tithing, we go to the book of Malachi to see what is actually said there regarding the tithes, robbing God, the storehouse and the windows of heaven. (Hint: it all had to do with feeding people, and had nothing at all to do with money).

In order to make this Old Covenant passage fit into life in the New Covenant, the church has attempted to “Christianize” and “spiritualize” these things, and in doing so has done a great deal of abuse to the Scriptures. A similar thing has been done with Jesus’ drilling of the Pharisees regarding tithing, and we share our thoughts on that as well. We hope that in listening to these podcasts on tithing, you will be become free from the erroneous teaching of tithing, and freed to give generously from your God-inspired heart!

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