Sunday, August 23, 2020

769. The Tithe – It’s Never Been About Money

Someone from Religion Ville told you it’s required to give at least 10% of your finances to God in order to be blessed and not cursed … and that a pastor, church corporation or non-profit, government-approved tax exempt ministry is now the representative to receive the levy or obligation.

The tithe is one of the most misunderstood subjects from the Bible, and has been twisted into something very different from the intent it had under the Mosaic law and the purpose for which it was meant for Israel under the Old Covenant.

The tithe was never about giving 10% of one’s money. It was about providing food to the priestly tribe of the Levites who didn’t inherit land and livestock. And there is nothing in the written pages that states the church building is the storehouse. That old priesthood came to an end and we are in a very different and better covenant.

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  1. Thankful for you guys always bringing the good news of Jesus the new covenant is beautiful indeed.