Sunday, February 07, 2021

793. Paul’s Proclamation: Justified by Believing (16th Anniversary Program)

We reminisce just a little bit as we look back on 16 years of doing the Growing in Grace podcast … And then we jump back into Paul’s declarations about the gospel of grace through faith. We’re in Romans 10 this week, where Paul continues his consistent flow of the message in his letter, pointing out how Christ became the end of the law (works) for all who believe. He compares how Moses wrote about righteousness through a law that required people to actually do it (but all fell short).

That is contrasted with righteousness which is based upon faith, not works—confessing a word of faith by mouthing Jesus as Lord and believing with the heart God raised Him from the dead, resulting in righteousness (or justification) and salvation. And over and over again, Paul reveals it works the same for both Jew and Greek: Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Be aware of a works-based message being thrown into the mix with requirements which are made to put the responsibility upon you regarding salvation or God’s acceptance.

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