Wednesday, July 03, 2013

GIGBite Bonus Podcast 1

This past Sunday we posted Growing in Grace podcast number 400! The goal of this weekly podcast is to share the simple good news of the gospel of God's grace and peace. Each week, in addition to each full podcast episode, we also post a quick highlight from the podcast (a "GIGBite") to give a sample of the good news that we've talked about. To celebrate our 400th Growing in Grace podcast, we've strung together the previous 100 GIGBites in the form of 3 "bonus" podcasts! This week features the GIGBites from episodes 300 to 335. Look for the next two bonus podcasts on the next coming Wednesdays.

Download GIGBite Bonus Podcast 1
(Click to Play or Right-Click to Download.)

Bonus 1 - Bonus 2 - Bonus 3

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