Sunday, June 30, 2013

400. Good News Reminders

Sometimes we just need to pause and reflect on what Christ has done and what it means for us. Our days are often filled with bad news and it can even carry over into Bible teaching that we're exposed to. It's good to be reminded that God isn't angry with you, that He doesn't hold sin against you, that you are fully accepted by Him through Jesus Christ and that there is no reason to hide or to be afraid. God prepared Jesus with a body for a sacrifice that would be the last but certainly not the least.

And by the way, we've hit another milestone here on Growing in Grace! This is our 400th podcast!!! To celebrate, we've compiled three bonus podcasts that we'll be sharing on the next three Wednesdays. All of the weekly "GIGBites" that are posted with each podcast, to give listeners a tiny taste of the content of the podcast, contain grace and encouragement in and of themselves. The upcoming bonus podcasts will each be 15 to 16 minute mixes of all the GIGBites from the past 100 Growing in Grace podcasts!  Look for the first bonus podcast this Wednesday.

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  1. congratulations on 400 episodes! I've been listening for over a year now, and I have been brought back to my grace roots. I've grown so much with a better and deeper understanding of grace and who I am now IN Christ.

  2. Thanks for the congrats! And we're so glad about your growth in your understanding of your identity in Christ. Our life in Him revolves around who we truly are in Him!

  3. Thanks to both of you for taking your time and money to do these podcasts. They have helped me more than words can express! See, I was raised with a religion that once you got rid of your sins, then God would love you and accept you so I tried and tried but it only got worse. I could believe God loved you because you didn't struggle with any sin, but because I couldn't stop sinning, it was proof that God didn't love me or accept me. I wanted to be loved and accepted unconditionally but I didn't know how and I thought I had to try to stop sinning to prove it or earn it. Hearing you guys talk about God's grace and unconditional love and listening to a few other different podcasts has helped me soooo much and I want to thank you!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments. Tricia, your story is pretty much the case for just about everyone. We had it backwards by trying to perform to a standard that would allow God to accept us. Once we begin to understand the finished work of Christ and grow in our identity (who He has already re-created us to be because of His blood) we can approach the Lord with confidence. Love without condition helps us to realize that we are fully accepted. We've been brought into His family. We were rescued. Now we can rest in Him knowing we are freed from the penalty & bondage of sin and free to live in His righteousness instead of our own. Exciting stuff!