Sunday, June 09, 2013

397. Our Nature of God's Righteousness, Not Self-Righteousness

On our last podcast we talked about those who feel the need to accuse others of wrong doing and how it stems from a foundation of legalism and self-righteousness. This week we take a closer look at why the law inspires accusations against us and how we have been freed from this. In Christ we have received a brand new nature of righteousness, that is, the righteousness of God has been revealed in us. This is the gospel at its very foundation. It allows us to live free of guilt, condemnation and accusations that would try to come against us and provides us with grace to experience a relationship of love without fear of wondering what God thinks of us.

Our Nature of God's Righteousness, Not Self-Righteousness (14 Min, 9.6 MB)
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  1. do you believe or ever thought we were born after the cross, so we never had the old man? because when Christ died all were made righteous what we need to is receive the finished work.

  2. No, I don't believe that. There are many post-cross references, such as in Paul's epistles, where he differentiates between those who are not yet in Christ and those who are in Christ, those who are justified and those who are not justified, those who are sons and those who are not sons, etc, etc.