Sunday, November 25, 2012

370. No More Consciousness of Sin

Something the religious world doesn't teach very often is that the law of Moses with its commandments actually was given to increase sin, not decrease it. The animal sacrifices under that law brought a reminder of sin and guilt. One of the beautiful things about Jesus and His (one) sacrifice is that it had the power to not only provide complete removal and forgiveness for all sin, but that it could remove the consciousness of sin. We can now live in a state of righteousness without the burden or fear of sin ever coming between us and God again.

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  1. This was another great message and to stop trying o overcome sin. If you are sin conscience, more in likely you are going to give in. We have to be Christ conscience and not sin. Sin has been taken away by the blood of the lamb.

    I want to know what you guys think about the saying- God loves the sinner and hates the sin. I know that is a popular saying but I don't particularly like it.

    I rather God loves the sinner, He took away the sin.

    I just want to know what you guys think about it.

  2. Yeah, I know what people mean when they say it but I think the saying misses the point of our sin having been taken away. It's not about "hating sin," (whether us or God hating it), but it's about knowing what Christ did in regards to sin (took it away).

    Now coming at this from a completely different angle, what I believe "grieves" God is what our independent, fleshly actions can do to us (and to others). This is a completely different matter, and I briefly alluded to it (sort of) in the podcast. At various times, Paul admonishes the church because of their behavior... but of course he never does it from a punitive perspective, but rather from a perspective of "all things are lawful but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful but not all things edify; I will not be brought under the power of any."

    Again, it's not about hating sin, but rather it's about encouraging one another to not walk in ways that don't edify, etc, and to walk as the righteous people that we literally are.

  3. Thanks man, that sounds like grace than all the religiion I heard. I don't believe we should give license to the devil to sin, but rather walk in the spiirt. We have been crucified with Christ, we have to walk in the newness of life.

    As Galatians says,since you live by the spiirt, walk in the spiirt.

    I don't see why it is so hard to just say that God took it away, we keep revisiting the same thing that God took away two thousand years ago.

    Thanks for the encouragement.