Sunday, November 18, 2012

369. Stop Trying to Overcome Sin

A sure recipe for failure: Self discipline and self effort in trying to overcome sin. Jesus has already conquered sin. He defeated it and removed it so that we could be free from the penalty that it brought us under the first covenant (law). When one's focus is constantly on trying to overcome or avoid sin, it will actually result in an even greater struggle. Legalistic attempts to try harder will lead to more failure. Instead, realize He overcame for us and we now live in a constant state of forgiveness. Rest in His life that is already in you. Our focus should be on Jesus, not sin.

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  1. I think the biggest lie most churches tell is: Stop sinning then you not will fulfill the lusts of the flesh. But the Bible says to walk in the spirit, then you will not. I don't see why most churches are obesessed with sin, they talk less about the indwelling Christ and more about sin, sin and more sin.

    Jesus paid it all, He put away away sin by the sacrifirde of Himself, our focus should be on the finished wor of Christ, not sin.

    Thank you guys for another great podcast.


  2. That's something I hope we all remember... our focus should be on the finished work of Christ, not sin! Paul talked a lot about sin, but a majority of the times that he mentioned the word "sin" he was explaining how the dilemma had been resolved by God Himself. So now indeed, it's our inheritance and greatly to our advantage to be focused on what the work of Christ accomplished.