Sunday, September 04, 2022

875. Differences Between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant

Over the years on our podcast, much of what we’ve talked about revolves around the New Covenant which was established at the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Sadly, many folks who regularly attend their local church are very unfamiliar with either covenant, and it’s rather shocking to see so many believers uninformed about the New because it reveals the truth of the gospel.

This week, we’ll chat about some specific differences between these two covenants and how the new way brought grace to the human race. A few nuggets we discuss … God made a covenant with the Jewish people—which they agreed to—and yet they failed miserably with that stone tablet ministry. Nobody could keep the requirement. It was all one law, not broken up into different categories. Religion has gotten it wrong by thinking some of the law ended and some of it still applies. The entire Old Covenant containing a law of works was made completely obsolete.

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