Sunday, August 28, 2022

874. Jesus Is Not a Religion

Who could forget the famous quote from Jesus: “I have come to give you religion, and to give it more abundantly.” Whoops. That doesn’t sound quite like what Jesus said—because it’s not. He came to give life. He came to bring truth. He came to show the way. He came to bring peace. And these are all contained within Him. He is all of these! Religious rule-keeping isn’t based upon faith and doesn’t result into life eternal.

Only God’s Spirit can reveal the depth of God’s love and guide us into the supernatural life we have received from belief in the risen Christ. Christianity is not meant to be a religion or the “right religion.” But sadly, we have taken many of the concepts that thousands of lifeless religions have used. And it revolves around this: Trying to DO something to get a response from God, instead of resting in His response to us.

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