Sunday, July 17, 2022

868. God’s Living Spirit - The Constant Throughout the Centuries

It’s easy to take for granted the availability of the Bible in much of our world today, but it wasn’t always this way. For the majority of centuries since Jesus rose from the dead, most people had very little exposure to the writings. The majority couldn’t read, and there weren’t the mass production capabilities we have today. Also, it wasn’t available in most languages until recent centuries (including English). And yet people still came to faith in Jesus, just as in the days after His resurrection when His Spirit was sent.

Certainly there is so much to learn and gain from the Scripture and writings of those who were witnesses of the risen Christ. And although the Bible has gone through many transitions throughout the last 1,500 plus years, God doesn’t change. His Spirit continues with the same ministry of conviction to unbelievers and the reassurance of righteousness to believers. He shows people in their hearts the need for salvation through Jesus … and it’s often by word-of-mouth messengers that this occurs. The Spirit needs nothing to reveal truth—but can use anything and anybody.

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