Sunday, July 24, 2022

869. Identifying as Believers in a Risen Savior

As Christians, we believe in a risen Jesus who is alive and lives in us by His Spirit. We are identified as believers in Christ. We should avoid identifying ourselves as “Bible believers” or as “people of the book,” as other lifeless religions may do. Your relationship is not with a written code. And yet, through the writings, we have a reliable source of information for obtaining truth as it relates to the fallen state of the human race and how a plan of redemption had been formulated by the Creator before time began.

This revelation of truth about Jesus as Lord doesn’t come by flesh and blood (human sources) nor does it come solely through words spoken or in letters on paper. If this were the case, every single Christian would believe the same things since we all have access to the same Scriptures (writings). Wrapping up our discussion over the past few weeks, we encourage people to pause and consider the significance of the role of God’s Spirit in their lives. He is in the business of renewing hearts and minds, and cultivating personal relationships with the living God.

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