Sunday, July 10, 2022

867. This May Have Caused More Division Among Believers Than Anything Else

It’s easily skimmed over or swept under the rug, but it’s difficult to deny there are thousands of different church corporations and Christian denominations with very different dogmas and doctrines. This isn’t exactly breaking news, but let’s face this reality and talk this out. Think about it, millions of varied opinions from a perspective of theology, endless debates about (what should be) some of the most foundational issues from forgiveness to salvation. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why all the confusion? Which group should I associate with?

If believers in Jesus all have the same Spirit of God living within, how is it that perspectives and opinions can be so far apart in many cases? There is something that most of these religious branches—and individuals—have in common. They claim their conclusions come from a collection of books called the Bible. The Jews already had writings (scriptures) … and they pointed to Jesus. If we think the Bible is truly meant to be the final authority that ensures its every reader of being solidified in the truth, we may want to ask why Jesus said He would send His Spirit to lead, guide and reveal truth as He looked ahead to the New Covenant.

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