Sunday, July 03, 2022

866. Scriptures Inspired - But the Spirit Reveals Truth

Our focus here is to highlight the superior ministry of the Holy Spirit. But this also leads us to asking ourselves some challenging questions about the Bible, the Scriptures, and how they were chosen to be “canonized.” People who aren’t exactly household names debated and then would eventually make decisions to include the 27 books of what we know as the New Testament … but not with unanimous conviction. When Paul made mention to Timothy that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, what was he referring to and what did he mean by it?

To repeat what we’ve stated numerous times, we embrace the writings and we’re not attempting to “Bible bash” or suggest the writings are inferior or questionable when it comes to revealing the truth of Jesus. But we are encouraging believers to come to a further realization of the ministry of God’s living Spirit in us—and not to depend on a myriad of very different opinions and potential false assumptions from the written pages. Bible knowledge and theology isn’t king, Jesus is.

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