Sunday, August 18, 2013

407. Giving Up Commandments To Gain Christ

This week's podcast is a follow-up on last week's chat about religious flesh. Often when you hear someone give a Christian testimony it will be based on all the bad stuff they used to do that they don't do any more. But the Apostle Paul revealed how he gave up his efforts to abide by the good commandments of the law and the attempt to establish his own righteousness. Why? Because being in Christ is better. Under the Old Covenant of law and works sin increased (not decreased), and the law aroused the passion to sin. But in Christ sin will not have dominion over you. Why? As Paul stated, because you are not under law but under grace.

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  1. I thought it was all the bad things, this really helped me. It totally makes sense when it comes down to context of the scriptures. He count it all lost so he can have Christ.

    1. Yeah, isn't that something? It's a concept that I totally did not understand when I came to Christ. I thought it was all about how I had stopped doing "bad" things and started doing "good" things... and it was only later on that I realized that some of the "good" I was doing was really "rubbish" or "dung," as it was really my own attempts to either please God or to impress other people. But in order to be found in Christ alone, all of my own fleshly attempts at life (good or bad) are thrown out the window so that Christ Himself is my life.