Sunday, October 15, 2017

621. The Mosaic Law: Given to Israel Only, Not Gentiles

When God gave Israel the law through Moses, and the Jews agreed to keep those many commands established in the Old Covenant, it was meant only for that race and nation who would be called God’s people at that time. The law had never been given to us Gentiles, who were considered unclean, far off and separated from God without a covenant. After the New Covenant was established by Jesus Christ, Gentiles were coming to God by faith in Jesus, and the leadership from the church in Jerusalem agreed that Gentiles would not need to be troubled or burdened with what their fathers had been unable to bear under that heavy and impossible law. Plus, the Jews who had been under the law were made free from it, and became dead to it as they married another and became the bride of Christ. You can’t live by something that doesn’t give life. That’s why the old way had to be removed completely and replaced with a better covenant.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

620. The Law Package: No Changes Allowed

The predominant mindset within most Christian churches is that parts of the law that came through Moses are to be applied to believers today, while other parts have been eliminated after the cross of Jesus Christ. This demonstrates the widespread ignorance about that law under the Old Covenant, because God had declared that as long as the law was in effect, there would be no changes to it. Nothing could be added and nothing could be taken away from it. The hundreds of commands, rules and statutes were bundled together in one package known as “the Law.” Many ingredients; but one package that was never meant to be broken up and applied in many different ways, based upon personal perspectives or man-made doctrines. This is why people needed to be delivered from the entire law package, and why we are declared to be dead to the law under a new and better covenant.

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

619. Where Do I Really Stand with God?

Somewhere along the way, most of us have wondered where we stand with God. For some, this is an ongoing battle which can lead to fear and uncertainty. Are you stuck inside of a mindset that has caused you to feel compelled to ask God to cleanse you and purify you over and over again? If so, perhaps you haven’t heard the full story or understood the victory Jesus Christ won for us at the cross. It’s time to shift the (lack of) confidence from your ability to live the Christian life, to believing and trusting completely in the life of God that abides in you.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

618. Mistaken Identity

Some words and phrases that we find within many corners of Christianity can end up bringing a mindset that that leaves people needlessly hungering and thirsting, while they seek some sort of new wave or movement from God that will make things better. Some of these Christian vocabulary words will lead to a case of mistaken identity. “Revival,” “backslidden Christian,” “rededicating your life to God…” Phrases such as these do not define the true identity we have as believers in Christ and should not be part of our mindset, because we’re now defined as righteous, holy, perfected, sanctified, and much more. It’s not up to us! His life in us is more than what is needed. He is the head of the body; Jesus is alive and well, and so are you in Him!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

617. The Mistake of Seeking What God Has Already Provided

It’s sad to think about in many cases, Christians are not enjoying their life in Christ. Some of this may be the result of feeling as though they are not living up to certain expectations they have placed on themselves, or that they feel God has for them. Through misunderstandings about the gospel, it can be easy to develop a mindset where one feels they are constantly falling short, resulting in feelings of uncertainty and even fear of where they are positioned with God, even though they are a child who is loved by Him unconditionally. This can lead to people seeking to acquire things from God that He has already provided for us through the finished work of Christ. On this week’s program, Joel and Mike discuss some things that may help bring a better understanding to those desiring to continue growing in the grace of Jesus Christ.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

616. Inviting God into Our Presence? (He Invited You!) (Part 2)

Our second program in the series continues to encourage believers to reconsider a different perspective when it comes to inviting the presence of God’s Spirit into our midst. When people begin asking for the presence of God’s Spirit, or a special anointing or outpouring, it implies a temporary visitation instead of the Spirit always abiding. Believers can develop the mindset that if God can suddenly arrive, He can also depart and withdraw to a degree after the gathering is over. In Christ, we’re continuously wrapped, surrounded and enveloped with God’s presence, and the anointing abides in us through Him. As partakers of the divine nature, “His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness.”

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

615. Inviting God into Our Presence? (He Invited You!) (Part 1)

A dubious habit that we’ve bought into is the need to create an acceptable atmosphere in order for the presence of the Holy Spirit to envelop us or come upon us. Various words or phrases are used to invite God into our presence or to seek a greater anointing. The truth is, God is not just in us, but as believers in Christ, we’re in Him! The anointing is in us! This combination should bring an assurance that often goes unrealized by His children. There is no need to send an invitation to God, while hoping He’ll respond with an RSVP. He invited us!.

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