Sunday, September 25, 2022

878. You Don’t Work for an Inheritance (It’s Gifted)

Once Jesus came and fulfilled the law, faith was established. It would result in an inheritance. This is not something where you can earn favor by something you do, but an inheritance is something gifted when someone dies. Our inheritance is according to a promise that God made many years ago—and was ratified after the death of Jesus.

In Galatians, Paul contrasts the inheritance factor with the struggle of trying to attain eternal life through the works of the law. Hebrews 9 explains a will does not go into effect until the death of the one who made it. Jesus died and “willed” for us to become heirs according to the promise. The Greek word for “will” is often translated as testament or covenant in English Bibles. So it’s really by grace as a child of God that we freely receive the good things given by God.

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