Sunday, October 02, 2022

879. God Is Just a Prayer Away? (It’s Even Better Than That)

The world system where we now live is a mess. It hasn’t been fully redeemed. Bad things happen and physical death still occurs, but it doesn’t change how good God truly is at all times. Yet there are times when we may feel like God is millions of miles away in a far off galaxy. We wonder if He is aware of what we’re going through or why we’re going through it.

It has been said that “God is just a prayer away.” This sounds encouraging on the surface, but on this week’s program, we’ll be taking it a step further to bring a reminder that the gospel provides even better news. Prayer or communion and fellowship with God doesn’t have to be like a type of long-distance phone call where you say good-bye (amen) at the end and hang up until the next time you dial the number. Hopefully we can help bring a new and fresh reality of just how connected you are to God in Christ … all the time. He created the original wireless—no password required.

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