Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Growing in Grace Together - Mike Adams of The UnSunday Show - The State of the Church Part 2

Here's Part 2 (of 2) of Joel's "Growing in Grace Together" interview with Mike Adams of the UnSunday Show."  Mike talks some more about how the institutional church of today has come to be the way that it is, including the misunderstanding of the Old and New Covenants, and how they're erroneously mixed together, as well as how we've "Christianized" all kinds of Old Covenant concepts and brought them into the church.  Carrying the Mosaic Law into the church has caused countless problems, as it was given exclusively to the people of Israel - not the body of Christ - and it was given only for a period of time in history.  One of the problems with institutional Christianity is that it has to keep people dependent upon itself, and this can hardly be done when grace alone is preached, so rules, traditions and laws must be added.

One key word from the original Bible manuscripts that is hugely mistranslated - even in many versions of the Bible today - is the word "ekklesia."  It's most often translated as "church," and as Mike explains how that is not a good translation at all, and how "church" and "ekklesia" are really quite different things, he also talks about how and why it came to be wrongly translated.

Other topics brought up:  The Old Covenant words of Jesus being used in the New Covenant church today; being a "strong" Christian vs. resting in Christ; and how growth is stifled for so many people when they're bound to the church system.  It's exciting that so many people are finally experiencing true growth and freedom by leaving the institutional church setting (not the same as the body of Christ) and getting to know Christ by His love and grace.  Listen in and be encouraged by the second half of Joel's conversation with Mike Adams.

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