Sunday, August 07, 2022

871. New Covenant Context and Resisting the Bible Teacher Fan Club

One of the greatest helps people will experience when it comes to understanding the gospel of grace is to know the Bible is contextualized into two very different covenants. When one assumes the Bible is “all one book” or everything in it is aimed at them directly, it can lead to confusion and have other negative impacts.
Another easy trap to fall into is the “following” of men or women who have a certain celebrity status due to a nationally known ministry through media, books, etc. This doesn’t have to apply to only well-known people in the ministry, it could occur with anyone who has influence. Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying or benefitting from the teaching of the gospel from those who are gifted in communicating truth.

But Paul was discouraging people in Corinth from jumping on bandwagons in his day that had people dividing into different persuasions based upon personality and possibly other unknown preferences. Some wanted to follow Paul, others wanted to identify with the teaching of Apollos or Peter. Paul stated he didn’t die for anybody, and nobody was baptized in his name. Following preachers or people is fleshly; it’s a human weakness which Paul discouraged.

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