Sunday, October 10, 2021

828. Things Seldom Heard in Church: Law Fruit: Sin Abounded; Death & Condemnation

When the Christian religion campaigns that the stone tablet ministry should be put on display as a guide to live by, they have completely missed the vast differences between an expired covenant of works once established with Israel … and a new and better way which came by grace through Jesus.

Things rarely heard in church buildings: The law given to Moses resulted in sin increasing, not diminishing. It was described by the Apostle Paul as a ministry of death, condemnation, and no longer has any glory because a more glorious ministry of the Spirit has surpassed it.

More from Paul … the law bore fruit for death, it was the strength of sin, it was a ministry of bondage, it could not provide life or righteousness. He stated how the law is not of faith but was a guardian … until faith would come (Christ), resulting in no longer being under the old guard of the law. The law demanded it be kept perfectly but could make nothing perfect, therefore was considered weak and useless. Jesus came to redeem Jews from it, not bring Gentiles into it. A new and better covenant replaced that old, ineffective ministry, which nobody could ever live by.

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  1. Amen--dont hear it in most but we should! Ty Jesus for a better way! TY for the truth! TY for those sharing the truth! Lead us on Lord! Amen! The Lord is leading me to leave behind the church services I had been 'following' because it was a part of my past. I need to move on into His leading. I know He won't leave me adrift. He will lead me to where He wants to be. Amen! Linda :)

    1. That's wonderful that you're walking in the way the Lord is leading you, Linda. It's a difficult decision for some people, but when you know the truth and it has made you free, there indeed comes a time when you move on and enjoy the freedom for which Christ has made you free!

  2. Let Freedom Ring--David Phelps!