Sunday, June 27, 2021

813. The 800 Club: Looking Back - What Is the Gospel? Righteousness Gifted!

One of the things we started talking about more than 16 years ago as we launched the Growing in Grace podcast … is the question of “What is the gospel?” Ask a room full of believers as to what they think the gospel is and you’ll usually get many different answers—with many of them steeped in legalism. And yet this is a foundational question when it comes to faith and believing in Jesus. How can one believe in the gospel—as Jesus called people to do—if they don’t know what it is?

We examine Paul’s revelation of the good news from Romans chapter 1, where we discover that right-standing with God isn’t something people work for as the Jewish people attempted to do under the law. Righteousness pursued us, and came as a gift in the Person of Jesus for those who believe. Another reason why the New Covenant is better than the first one.

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