Sunday, December 20, 2020

786. Christmas: Just Exactly What Are We Celebrating?

The birth of Jesus is perhaps the most celebrated event in the history of the world. When we think of the Christmas holiday, we probably picture the baby Jesus and a manger scene with angels communicating with shepherds. And yet the birth would mean nothing without the death that would occur a few decades later. Jesus was born at a time when the Mosaic law and Old Covenant with Israel was still in place. It would be with His death and the shedding of blood that would bring a better covenant to replace the first one … for all of mankind.

The real celebration with God entering the world as a human is that He would do a work resulting in justification, forgiveness, redemption, righteousness and so much more—which He extended through perfect love by grace. This is why believers have peace with God. The Savior brought faith and life—and it’s much more excellent than a religious system of works which falls short. When it comes to your celebration this year, don’t keep hanging out at the manger, but remember the ultimate result of what it brought.

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