Sunday, September 20, 2020

773. The Twisted "Principle" of Tithing Your Money

In order to come to the conclusion that it is God’s commandment or principle for people to give a tenth of all their income to a church organization, the first thing that must happen is for you to believe this is absolutely true. The second thing is to convince yourself the Scriptures teach this so-called principle by copying and pasting some Bible verses completely out of context … because such a principle simply does not exist. One of those misapplied passages involves Jacob, who made a single, conditional vow to God that has nothing to do with us or others.

Religion will use all kinds of manipulative methods to motivate people into “paying” their 10% “to God” as they teach a false notion with their hand out. They may even tell you the cash tithe of 10% is a minimum. Does God want us to give? Of course, but He won’t nudge you to do so through fear or legalistic requirements.

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