Sunday, September 13, 2020

772. Neither the Storehouse nor Abraham’s Tithe Have to Do With Supporting a Church

The Jews brought a tithe of food to the storehouse for the priestly tribe of the Levites under the Old Covenant—who didn’t own land and were not allowed to work for their chow. Twisted religion will try to lay claim that the “new” storehouse is connected to a bank account for a non-profit corporation or church institution. When did this idea start and where does the Scriptures suggest tithing became about money? It’s just not in there.

And what about the misleading use of some verses in Hebrews Chapter 7 … where the writer intersects Abraham, Melchizedek and Jesus. Manipulators will abuse and misuse the passage as an argument for tithing and miss the bigger picture of context—which was the fact that Jesus Christ was superior to Abraham, as well as the Old Covenant and the old priesthood … and He replaced them both with something more excellent.

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