Sunday, August 30, 2020

770. The Tithe – It Was About Food for the Tribe of the Levites

The tithe became part of the Mosaic law, which has now been replaced by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. The priestly tribe of the Levites did not receive the inheritance of land to grow crops and tend to animals as the other tribes from Israel, and were not allowed to work and toil for their food. Instead, God set up the system of the tithe for the other tribes to provide for their needs when it came to food, as they gave a tenth of their produce.

The Levites were to stay focused on the work of the ministry via the priesthood. What about Abraham? It is recorded that he (once) gave a tenth to Melchizedek and that was before the law. With that argument, we should also follow his example of sacrificing animals for a sin offering … but it’s part of our conversation on this week’s program. 

A couple of tithe-related articles written by Joel are mentioned on the program:

1. Freed from Tithing, Free to Give - 10 part series, with an alternative 4 part audio/video series.
2. Abraham Gave Melchizedek a Tithe of ALL? - An article debunking the silly notion that Abraham gave a tithe of everything he possessed to Melchizedek.

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