Sunday, February 02, 2020

740. Hebrews 5-6: Obedience and Repentance From Dead Works

The enemy relishes to shoot Bible verses at people that are taken out of context, which can spawn fear and uncertainty into a works-based gospel, rather than a gospel based upon faith. We look at a couple of these verses in an attempt to shed some light on the bigger picture within the proper context. Sometimes the enemy is in our own back yard that we consider to be a safe place.

“Christ is salvation, but only for those who are obedient. You must obey everything Jesus said.” The fear factor: Am I obedient enough and where do I stand with God?

“It’s impossible to renew people to repentance who have fallen away.” The fear factor: Am I still saved?

This entire letter to Hebrew believers was a message of good news and reassurance found in what Jesus did … and not in what we do.

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