Sunday, May 27, 2018

653. Sharing the Gospel with Others

Oh sure, you can go out and purchase all kind of instructional books that will turn the sharing the gospel into a perfect science. You can memorize a list of Bible verses in the correct order and work on developing a script to make it sound conversational. But there may be a more effective way to share the good news of Jesus Christ — do it from the heart. Your growth in God’s abounding grace and learning about your identity as a righteous child of God will provide you with a much stronger tool than developing a sales pitch. Instead of attempting to empower yourself, the Spirit of God will empower you to communicate this message of life because He knows the heart(s) of the person with whom you are sharing. We sometimes make the gospel message far too complicated. As shared on this week’s program, here’s the gospel in a nutshell:

1. God’s demand: Be perfect.
2. God’s diagnosis: You’re not perfect.
3. God’s deliverance: Jesus was perfect for you. (Simply believe it).

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