Sunday, June 22, 2014

450. The Contrast of Law and Grace

John's gospel states that the law came through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. The law did not bring the Jewish people grace and truth. It could not impart life. Whether Jew or Gentile, understanding the purpose of the law will help free us into experiencing the life of Christ from within. Jesus didn't come to empower us to live the law. Rather, He fulfilled it for us. We now have a wedded relationship with Him, not based on a marriage license, but rooted in unconditional love.

In this podcast, Joel mentioned the following:

The ministry and fruit of the of the law included:

It made people guilty (Rom 3:19)
It condemned (2 Cor 3:9)
It imputed sin to man (Rom 5:13)
Through it, sin abounded (Rom 5:20)
It brought death (Rom 7:9-11)
It was against us and contrary to us (Col 2:14)
It was enmity with us (Eph 2:15)

All of the following is true of the Law AFTER the cross:

It was wiped out, taken out of the way and nailed to the cross (Col 2:14)
It was abolished (Eph 2:15)
It was put to death (Eph 2:16)
It was annulled (Heb 7:18)
It was made obsolete (Heb 8:13)

The law's job had been completed. The law "was added because of transgressions, *till* the Seed should come to whom the promise was made…" (Gal 3:19).


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