Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Growing in Grace Together - Allan Scott

I'm very pleased to welcome music artist Allan Scott to the Growing in Grace Together podcast. I think many people will relate in one way or another to Allan's story.  After his life had spiraled out of control due to a destructive lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, he knew it was grace through which he'd been saved when found himself being radically transformed by God.  However, he would soon find himself in a place many of us are all too familiar with - struggling with an up and down, performance-based relationship with God.

Listen in as Allan shares how he came to find rest from the performance treadmill, as he discovered the gospel of God's grace and the New Covenant.  It's very evident that his heart is now overflowing with grace and is focused on sharing this liberating message with the church, both through his music and through connecting with others wherever he goes.

You can find out more about Allan Scott on his website,  I think you'll be greatly encouraged by listening to this podcast and checking out Allan's music!

Download Growing in Grace Together - Allan Scott (26 Min, 24 MB)
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Here's a quick bite from this podcast.


  1. After I left my church - through the leading of Holy Spirit (to lead me to this great revelation of "Grace" and New Covenant Gospel understanding) I could not listen to any Christian music at all. It literally turned my stomach - it was so religious and heavy. I worship with banners in my back yard, and had to use music without lyrics (secular) and found it to be some of the best worship times in my life. The words got in the way! I'm glad to know that there are some artists out there that recognize there is a need for New Covenant Christian music. Thank you Allan Scott.

    1. I hear you on that, Gina. Often there is great music with horrible lyrics - whether it has the label "secular music" or "Christian music," and I have also had some of the best times of worship with the instrumental version of songs, or by simply ignoring or changing the lyrics. It really is extra special when someone comes along who has both great music AND great lyrics! That's one reason I'm so glad I was introduced to Allan. :)