Sunday, November 16, 2008

165. Can Sin Hinder Your Fellowship With God?

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Can sin hinder your fellowship with God? We take a look at who we are in Christ (the righteousness of God) and we also begin to look at the different perspectives of the three "characters" in the Luke 15 parable commonly known as "The Prodigal Son." In addition to the prodigal son, there are two other people in the story - the older son and the father. Which one of these people had the proper perspective of the whole situation? There's so much good news in the scriptures to dig into! We talk about how sin can truly affect our circumstances, and even our fellowship with one another as human beings - but does that mean it affects our fellowship with God?

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  1. Hi Ron and Anne,

    Thanks for listening and for your comment here. With God having dealt fully and sufficiently with sin through Jesus, it's amazing that there is such a huge focus on sin in the church today. Hopefully the true gospel message of grace and freedom will continue to be spread more and more!