Sunday, November 04, 2007

114. Meeting people where they're at

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  1. Sorry Leonard, but the Growing in Grace t-shirts were available for a special "love offering" of $500.00. Since we are sold out of those, the coffee mug is available only to those who have listened to all the programs TWICE through, starting with nothing less than #113. However, I do have a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup baseball cap we can send (donated by one of our gracious listeners).


  2. Sold Out of the shirts??? How could you guys let that happen! I'll cut you a deal. I'll take over the t-shirt production, and manipulating people out of their money, um, I mean accepting the love offerings, and I'll split the profits with you with you 80-20.

    As for the coffee mugs, I'd make it "listen to all our programs twice, and add a $25 fee (but call it a love offering) for shipping and handling, per mug."

    You guys seriously need to get with the program if you're going to do this Christian ministry thing right.

  3. Well, we were out of Elmer's glue, and my wife's glue gun really made a mess of things, so there wasn't much else I could do. I'll see what I can do about the 24 ouncer.

  4. People who chronically gossip they have serious mental disorders, and Jealousy issue, they are losers.

    And losers only gossip on facebook about people they have never met.

    Any way, I arrived to a conclusion that religion is also an emotional issue and lots of people have a difficult time controlling their emotions (and their mouths).

    I am really upset now to talk I better stop here if I go on I might end up offend you.

  5. Hagere,

    I'm not a fan of chronic gossip either. It certainly hurts people and doesn't do a thing to help them.

    I agree, too, that there are many emotional aspects to religion. It's an age-old problem that people have a hard time controlling their tongues and their emotions.

    I hope that walking in grace, and helping people to get established in grace, will help them to see how their emotions and feelings don't always line up with the truth of who they are, and that they don't have to act out on whatever emotions or thoughts happen to be going on inside them at the time. It's been an ongoing learning process for me, that's for sure. :)

  6. Enjoyed this one. Now I understand why I work where I do! LOL I have heard and even said the part you had about gossip. Made me actually laugh out loud. Oh well. Thankfully, there is grace for that too! I'm learning that it is best for life to be mixture of being encouraged and sharing the love with those who probably won't return it. Jen

  7. Yea there is grace for hurting and humiliating people.Huh? I am laughing our laud as well Jean.

    Thanks Joel and I agree with what you have said above.

  8. may we always be those giving our mouths to the Lord everyday. May our words build up and not break down.