Sunday, October 01, 2023

930. Jesus: "You Will Know Them by Their Fruits" (False Prophets)

A Bible verse frequently quoted is found in Matthew 7:16 and also in 7:20 .... "You will know them by their fruits." This is usually referenced by people with the assumption that you will know how to identify other true believers—by what they do and through their behavior. But the context shows us Jesus is explaining how to recognize false prophets. They will do many works outwardly to be seen by others—sometimes miraculous things—but it all revolves around their fruits. In other words, the fruits are mentioned in the plural, meaning their works. It's a sandy foundation, not one built upon a solid rock of trusting in Christ for righteousness. As branches who are plugged into the vine, we have become identified as good trees capable of bearing the "fruit" (singular) that the Holy Spirit will eagerly produce through us apart from a religious system of law and works. But it's not our "fruits" ... it's all about His fruit that we bear.

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