Sunday, September 24, 2023

929. The Two Greatest Commands from an Obsolete Law (There Is a Better Way)

A legal eagle from the Pharisee Bible College desired to test Jesus by asking him what the greatest commandment was from the law. Jesus gave him two ... love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength—and love your neighbor as yourself. The fact is ... nobody has ever lived up to these commands—of which the entire law and the prophets would hang. Jesus was answering a law-based question with a law-based answer. After all, this was before the cross and the law was still in place for these Jewish people.

Church corporations and others have emphasized the "two greatest commandments from the law" as a foundation for Christianity, but these were demands from a law that is now to be considered obsolete—a law Jesus came to deliver and redeem the Jewish people from so they could receive life. Religion leans towards putting the cart before the horse—probably because it's more work. Let's get this turned around in the right direction. The New Covenant is not based on how much you love God, but how much he loves you. This results in returning that same kind of love to Him from the heart instead of being "commanded" to do so as a soldier taking orders (which isn't really love). If a believer in Christ is having trouble walking in love towards others, it's likely because they have not yet understood or believed in the perfect love God has for them.

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