Sunday, August 27, 2023

925. Christians Never Disagree About the Bible (Just Kidding) - A Holy Spirit Solution

We call it The Bible. A collection of writings that have resulted in millions of never-ending interpretations, opinions, doctrines and debates. There are thousands of Christian church denominations that have very, very different viewpoints on what should be considered foundational aspects of the faith. And yet, they all claim the Bible is their foundation for what they believe. Weird, right?

People begin to wonder what is true and what is not when it comes to understanding a Bible verse or passage ... or ideologies about the writings. They begin looking for someone or something to which they can subscribe and believe. Should the main focus be placed on proper interpretation of the Bible books ... or will this outcome just result in frustration and uncertainty?

The pages themselves tell us where to look and who we can trust. It doesn't come from an outside or external source that we can see, hear, and touch, but from within.

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