Sunday, September 03, 2023

926. Spiritual Truth Is Revealed by the Spirit of God

Many of us search the scriptures for truth. On our humble podcast, we've talked for years about these writings and how much they mean to us—we value and embrace them with what can be discovered as we grow in our understanding of the good news of Jesus. But ultimately, gaining more insight or expertise about the Bible will not allow for us to grow to the fullest in the knowledge of the truth. Truth is contained within a person (Jesus Christ), and all truth is ultimately revealed by the Spirit of God—the One sent to guide people into all truth as our comforter and teacher. The absolute true things of God cannot be received intellectually or by human wisdom.

With so many voices (and Bible teachers) out there who are saying so many different things ... our conversation this week is an exhortation not to jump to the wrong conclusion in assuming the Bible somehow replaced God's living Spirit who abides in us ... with an anointing that teaches us in a way that is only spiritually discerned.

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