Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Growing in Grace Together - Mike Adams of The UnSunday Show - The State of the Church Part 1

Joel is back with an episode of "Growing in Grace Together," in which he welcomes his friend and the host of "The UnSunday Show," Mike Adams.  In Part 1 (of 2), Mike talks about how the institutional church of today came to be the way that it is, and how it has strayed so far from biblical descriptions of how the body of Christ is to operate and assemble together.    Mike shares from his studies of church history, including the topics of how today's "pastor" has taken on an overwhelming amount of responsibility and power that is never described in the New Testament pages, how honorific titles have no place in the church, how the word "church" itself is not even what the biblical word "ekklesia" means, and what the differences are between the two words. 

This is by no means a "church bashing" conversation, as we both have great respect for our fellow members of the body of Christ, and the way the New Testament writings describe the body assembling together and using their spiritual gifts for the benefit of one another, and being equals with one another without the ungodly hierarchy that separates the members of the body into different classes.  Joel invited Mike onto the podcast to share from his understanding of how things came to be the way they are, knowing that Mike has much to share from his own journey of leaving the institutional church, and again, his rich understanding of church history.

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