Sunday, April 10, 2022

854. Jesus Took a Seat - Already Forgiven and Sanctified

Within the first covenant, the Jewish priests offered sacrifices daily for the sins of the people and for their own sins. The job was never complete, sins were still on record since the blood of bulls and goats couldn’t take them away, so the priests kept standing. Enter Jesus … who offered one sacrifice for sin with His own blood, which would bring forgiveness of sins for all time (eternal redemption), plus perfection and sanctification through the one offering.

In other words, sanctification is not something we progressively work at—it’s a gift which we’ve inherited by the will of God. All of this resulted in a New Covenant—a new and living way where God declared, “I will remember their sins no more.”

During this episode we mentioned how we've previously talked about how sanctification is not progressive, and is not something we do, but rather is instantaneous and permanent, and is something that Christ has done. Here are a couple of past episodes in which we discussed this:

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