Sunday, October 04, 2020

775. Giving by Grace - Sowing Bountifully or Sparingly

Some have taught that if you give more money, you’ll get more money in return. Sow your money sparingly, and you’ll reap less cash return from God. Just as those who mix the old and new covenants together like to smother the flock with a legalistic 10% “tithing principle” … there are others who will twist a natural law of sowing and reaping, and suggest it works the same with money. They’ll say to plant more greenbacks in order to gain a financial harvest.

It’s just another manipulative method from people with their hand out as they sell you on the idea that God will reward you based upon certain conditions similar to a quid pro quo. That’s not freedom, it’s not grace, and it’s not the gospel. God has given you a new heart which has the desire to give because of love.

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