Sunday, August 09, 2020

767. "Delight in the Law of the Lord"

In the first Psalm, we see one of many writings referring to the law that the writers were under. They make a declaration that one who avoids wickedness finds delight in the law of the Lord, while meditating on it "every once in a while in their free time." Actually no, it states they needed to meditate day and night … and by doing so, they would prosper.

On this side of the cross, we now know that law which Israel was under couldn’t deliver the right-standing with God that they were seeking. Prosperity came only by an element of grace because nobody ever met the requirement of the law. Today, we don’t meditate on that law which has been declared obsolete, weak and useless when it comes to attaining life or sanctification. We aren’t under it and Israel was freed from it! They’ll even try to interchange the word “Word” by substituting it for what the Scripture calls “law.” So be on the lookout when the pulpit tries to twist the context.

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