Sunday, May 10, 2020

754. Hebrews 10: Confidence to Enter Through a New and Living Way

It’s because of what Jesus did for us with the shedding of His blood that we now have a boldness to enter into the Holy Place. This boldness or confidence literally means we have acquired a freedom of speech before the living God. It has nothing to do with us, our behavior or our commitment to God. It’s all based upon Jesus opening a path that was not previously available through an imperfect and faulty ministry of death and condemnation (the law). This would be called a new and living way.

And what about Hebrews 10:25? In the middle of all this great news being given to Jewish people about the New Covenant replacing the Old Covenant … Are these believers being scolded not to skip going to a church building? That might be what religion has taught us, so let’s look at this in context.

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