Sunday, March 22, 2020

747. Hebrews 8: One Bible - Two Different Covenants (Not to Be Mixed)

People often think of the Bible as one book, defined as God’s Word — and that all of it is meant to be applied to our lives. But the writer of Hebrews makes it very clear the first covenant contained within much of what is called The Old Testament, is very different than the new and better covenant established by Jesus Christ. These covenants are unalike and are not meant to be blended together.

If the first one that came through Moses had been faultless, there would have been no need to seek a second one which would be “more excellent.” This new way would take sin away, to be remembered no more by God. He would write new laws upon our hearts — not the old law or former commandments which only caused sin to increase. This New Covenant isn’t a revised version of the Old, but it replaced what Jesus brought to an end. The old way has become obsolete because it wasn’t based upon grace through faith.

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