Sunday, April 21, 2019

699. Our Life Is Not Found in the Bible

The Scriptures have been a centerpiece of our program over the past 14 years. But many “Christian” programs, churches, and ministries can make that claim. You’ve probably noticed there is a wide variety of opinions and interpretations as individual verses or passages can leave people in a place of bondage, hungering and thirsting for righteousness because the good news of the gospel is often missing. Much of this stems from mistakenly trying to apply the Old Covenant of law and mixing it with New Covenant grace. The written publication we know as “The Bible” hasn’t always existed. It went through many transformations with how it came to be published and continues to do so today. For centuries, most people never had easy access to these writings as many of us do today. How did they survive spiritually? It was by the life of Christ through God’s Spirit living in them. Of course we cherish the Scriptures and we know God is able to reveal actual truth to us by His Spirit when we are taught by Him. But those pages are not where life is attained or sustained… they point to the one and only source of Life - the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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