Sunday, February 14, 2016

535. Religious Talking Points: Make Jesus Your Lord?

In Christian church circles, you may have heard something along these lines: "You have 'accepted' Jesus as Savior, but have you made Him Lord of your life?" There are several inconsistencies with this way of thinking. First, "your" life is no longer your own, but you have been given the life of Christ and He lives in you. In addition, we should not be turning the Lordship of Jesus into a work. We don't make Him Lord, he is Lord and has paid the price to take ownership of you.

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  1. ROFL- "the word 'believe' in the Greek, you know what it means? It means to believe!" ... Christians don't run around in circles, they run in "four squares"... You're not just podcasters, you're comedians! :D

    1. Although for the most part we try to stick to our day jobs. :D