Sunday, March 01, 2015

486. You Are Not the Salt of the Earth

Jesus made the statement -- "You are the salt of the earth..."

It's important for us to gain understanding as to whom Jesus was speaking and what He was saying. We often apply these things to us as Christians today, but He was speaking to Israel here and throughout this teaching. His Jewish audience understood the connection between salt and covenant, also known as the covenant of salt. When the salt becomes tasteless, it's not good for anything except to be thrown out. It would be the (old) covenant that needed to be put away, not the people.

Check it out! --- After this podcast we'll be taking a break from the usual "Mike and Joel" only, and we've invited Andrew Farley (author of The Naked Gospel, God Without Religion, Relaxing With God, and various other books) to be our guest on the podcast! He'll be joining us for the next three weeks on Growing in Grace!


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