Sunday, September 29, 2013

413. The "Grace" Commission

Much has been taught and said about something that is referred to as The Great Commission... Referring to when Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world to proclaim the gospel. Some of what Jesus spoke was specifically for the 11 disciples.

Unfortunately, at times believers have been made to feel obligated to share the good news in specific ways that can cause guilt and condemnation when they feel they are not living up to the standard or expectations they think God has for them. We can all be involved in spreading the good news but as different parts of the body we may have very unique functions regarding our participation.

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  1. History, context and audience are the crucial things. The funny thing is that I never realized that it mentioned Jerusalem, that changes the whole context of that verse. So many people focus on their performance or if they are not doing enough. That leads to guilt and condemnation.

    God does not have a tally mark on how many people we led to Christ.

    We are to simply be examples of Christ love but not go always examine if we are doing enough.

    It is God that does the will and the do, we just rest in what he empowers us to do!

    1. There is a huge "cookie cutter" mentality in the church today, even if they don't realize that that's what it is. All people are expected to do essentially the same things, usually following whatever a pastor's vision is in regards to missions, evangelism, church work, etc, and this often ignores the context of the passages that they base these things off of. You're right - history, context and audience are so very crucial in understanding the message that's being communicated in each part of the Bible, and when people focus on their performance, and when they look at these passages apart from context, it really does lead to so much guilt and condemnation in the church.

      We're one body, but it's many different and unique parts that make up the one body, and the body needs each part to be free to be who they are, for the good of the whole.