Sunday, October 06, 2013

414. Does "Selling Jesus" Bring A Great Commission?

"You are My witnesses." Jesus said this to His disciples who had literally walked with Him and saw first-hand what had occurred when He was on earth and in regards to His death and resurrection. Today the church has developed the phrase "witnessing" when it comes to sharing the message of Jesus with others.

Religion has caused many institutional churches to develop marketing methods and gimmicks in the effort to "recruit" new believers. They are then taken through a cloning process called "discipleship" that creates cookie-cutter Christians designed to duplicate. Sharing the gospel shouldn't be about trying to sell Jesus as if He were a product or service for a marketing plan.

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  1. This is so true about witnessing, I never realized that at first. The apostles witnessed it because they walked with Jesus. I also love the court example as well. How can you witness for someone in court when you were not even there? It makes a lot of sense. I think Religion has grab hold to a lot of things we say.

    Also too many people focus on "winning souls for Christ." then they feel that it is a huge responsibility, but that is not how the gospel should be. We should love one another and tell them the finished work of Christ. In contrast to having a burden and feeling like you are not doing enough.

    Good news!

    1. Yeah, I think that's all true, Mike. Many people think that the "great commission" means that everyone in the body of Christ should be out and about winning souls to the Lord and making disciples, etc, when really we all operate as different and diverse parts of the body of Christ. Evangelism is a great thing, but not everyone is called as an evangelist. We all indeed have opportunities to share the finished work of Christ with others, and you're right, it should never be a burden for someone but rather something done in love when opportunities arise.