Sunday, October 28, 2012

366. Remembering What the Simple Gospel Is

Which is better? Good news or bad? The Gospel is referred to as good news. One definition of "news" is 'previously unknown information.' Most people that have attended religious institutions for nearly their entire life have not heard or been taught some basic gospel ABC's like what we discuss on this week's Growing in Grace podcast. Even if you're established in God's unconditional grace and love, Peter recommended bringing these things to our remembrance (II Peter 1:12-13). The good news never gets old and we never stop growing in our understanding of it.

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  1. I listen to your weekly podcast faithful every Sunday. I am glad that God led me to your website, this pure gospel is what is going to save. Not the legalism or the burdens you put on people. I have noticed how difficult it is for people to get saved.

    I have walked out of church condemned and cursed. God is not looking at what we do or don't do it, it is Jesus living His life through us

    Thank God I am not s sinner saved by grace but a righteous God, I am partners with the eternal. This is GOOD NEWS, not what we hear.

    Bless you guys, I will love to visit you guys to discuss these topics!

    Next week topic sounds interesting, love you guys, thanks for all the topics:)


  2. Thanks much, Mike. You're right... the pure gospel is what people need and what will save them! So much of the church is preaching a foundation of performance rather than a foundation of grace and the pure gospel, and it really leaves a lot of people with feelings of guilt and condemnation. We hope churches will begin sharing the truth of the good news that sets people free!