Sunday, October 14, 2012

364. Jesus’ Reactions to Sinners and the Self-Righteous

Everyone has a different opinion or point of view when it comes to imagining the personality of Jesus when he was a man walking the earth. This week we talk about how he would respond to people that religion would frown upon. In contrast to that, He would often have a different approach when He spoke to the self-righteous and judgmental Pharisees. Ultimately, Jesus was leading all of us to the cross.

Jesus’ Reactions to Sinners and the Self-Righteous (14 Min, 9.6 MB)
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  1. So Jesus went against the self-righteous, the ones that sought righteousness through the Law, as Saul who became Paul did, AS Saul he was righteous through the rigtheousness of the law and performed it better than anyone else, yet he found that through the law he was not righteous in the sight of God and never could be through the law. So he changed to the righteousness of God by faith in God, and love took over forever. Great pod cast today you all.

    Oh also I noticed as you spoke about Luke 5 that Jesus said that man's sins are forgiven, and I hear this was before the cross. And I have noticed all through the Bible that people were forgiven by God through God's Mercy, So God has forgiven before the cross the last sacrifice for sin. Man God is good the onlyone even as Christ said it that only his father is good.
    You know we serve an awesome God Joel and Kap
    Thanks for the pod cast

  2. No question about it... God is good and He is awesome!

  3. Thanks I will see what I can do, I really do not want to change the magazine style, it has been successful in the lay out for easy access to readers so far as I can tell, I will see what I can so by experimenting, thanks

  4. Love this podcast guys. Thanks alot and God bless in Jesus' Name.